Welcome to the Christian Community in San Francisco
Looking for a sanctuary where non-traditional Christian liturgy can inspire and revitalize you? Looking for a fresh look at the Scriptures or a deepening of what you have already discovered? Looking for a community dedicated to Christ, to the Earth and to our Bay Area, where every seeker will be greeted with open hearts?
About us
The Christian Community continually re-discovers its roots in the ongoing story of the life of Christ. His story springs from the mystery traditions of many ancient civilizations and finds its place in the Bible and in the holy writings of many other traditions. We can recreate his life, passion and resurrection daily through contemplation of the Scriptures, celebration of the renewed sacraments and community building.

The central service in the Christian Community is the Act of Consecration of Man. This meditative service, as well as the Communion with bread and (alcohol-free) wine is open to each human being who welcomes the Living Christ into his or her life. Other rites of passage (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, and Last Anointing) are celebrated as the biography of a child, teenager or adult requires. A marriage ceremony for same-sex couples is of course also possible. The Sacrament of Consultation can provide a strengthening of Christ’s presence and concrete aid at crucial turning points along our individual path, whenever necessary. The Ordination of Priests prepares women and men for the celebration of sacraments, pastoral care and leadership in community.

We are a welcoming, inclusive congregation and warmly encourage you to attend a Sunday or weekday service or other activity, meet the congregants and experience our community in a state of becoming/ community in development. Please have a look at the calendar of events here. For further questions or an initial orientation, you are welcome to contact our priest, Rev. Michael Latham, cell: 917-721-1282 or christiancommunitysf@gmail.com